Three-dimensional three-dimensional core transformer process What are the characteristics?

Release time: 2017-12-19

  At present, three-dimensional three-dimensional wound core transformer is widely used, but also become an indispensable product in people's daily life, the use of such transformers have many advantages, during use will not produce strong noise, but also can save a lot of energy, the other Transformers have also become environmentally friendly products, so the demand for such transformers is gradually increasing. The manufacturers in the production of such transformers also began to focus on process methods, because the transformer process directly determines the performance of the product.

  So what is the three-dimensional three-dimensional wound core transformer process characteristics? In the production of transformers, in fact, annealing is an important process, so during processing must allow professional staff to be responsible for the operation, so as to be able to control the quality of the product, if the operation of the annealing method is not reasonable, Then it is easy to lead to the entire batch of products can not be put into use, manufacturers will suffer as a result.

  Triangle three-dimensional core iron dry-type transformers

  Before making three-dimensional three-dimensional roll core, you need to process the material, the thickness and length of the material to meet the specifications, and then use the mold to make, but also through the winding, cutting and other processes, after completing these steps, you need Annealing, annealing process is to eliminate the stress of the product, through this process can restore the performance advantages of the product, so this processing step is the key, but also directly determines the merits of the product.

  In the actual processing operation, the staff should pay attention to the three-dimensional three-dimensional core technology design process is appropriate, and the tools used to meet the requirements, which are directly related to the annealing process, the quality of the product also has a significant impact.