• 3D Wound core cutting machine

  • Automatic 3D wound core winding machine

  • 3D wound core transformer coil winding machine

  • R-core core winding machine


Wuxi Shuhong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Shuhong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer for electrical machinery and aluminium-plastic panel manufacturing machinery. Main products for the electrical machinery are: silicon steel, iron core production line, amorphous iron core production lines, dry-type oil-immersed coil equipment, transformer oil tank production lines, tooling equipment and molds. Aluminium-plastic panel manufacturing machinery: aluminum-plastic composite plate production lines, color coating steel plate and color coating aluminum plate production lines, copper, aluminum, steel, single-sided and double-sided embossed production lines, bimetal composite production lines ect. non-standard production lines.

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