Coil winding machine

HV Automatic cabling coil winding machine

HV Automatic cabling coil winding machine

Automatic cabling coil winding machine


This equipment is used for amorphous alloy transformer HV coil winding and the same art work transformer coil winding.


1. Apply to round , oval , rectangle shape coil winding

2. Adopting PLC control , touch screen human - machine interface

3. Automatic cabling device is servo motor driving, precise ball screw and line guide as direction guide

4. Wire supplying use cylinder buffering structure, oval and rectangle coil winding problem can be solved effectively.

Equipment composition

1. Main machine

2. Automatic cabling device

3. Interlayer insulation paper device

4. Wire supplying race

5. Control system

Technical Parameters

Code SH-600 SH-800 SH-1000

Coil height 600mm 800mm 1000mm

Coil outer diameter 80-500mm 80-600mm 80-800mm

Main axis rotating speed 0-375r/min 0-220r/min 0-220r/min

Speed adjusting method Stepless speed adjust

Working torque 300.M

Main axis center height 850mm

Main axis loading 200kg 300kg 500kg

Guiding wire specification Round wire: φ0.3-φ3mm Flat wire:≤3*12mm

Wire cabling precision 0.01mm

Main axis size 50*50*800mm 50*50*1000mm 50*50*1200mm

90*50*800mm 90*50*1000mm 90*50*1200mm